Conversational AI Chatbot Platform

Carry out Contextual conversations & take Customer engagement to the next level K2Bot’ai Chatbot Solutions. Deliver top-notch experience to the users, thus reducing the bounce rate and keeping customers hooked on till the goal is achieved.

Setup a better conversational engine model by analyzing user behavior pattern. Use advanced dashboards to get a full picture of how the chat bots are performing and implement changes on the fly.

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Voice AI Bot – The Future is Here!

For an Inbound voice process, the call volume has been increasing rapidly. However, the resources available to cater to them are very less. Call drops happen when there is a long waiting time. Engagely AI powered Voice Bot can accommodate multiple simultaneous calls ensuring Zero Waiting Time for your valuable customers.

Integrating the Voice Based Conversational AI with your existing system is as easy as falling off a log! Unlike other companies, K2Bot can be used with the legacy systems and do not need an infrastructural overhaul to deliver high-quality customer engagement experience. Thus, K2Bot is a complete Voice AI Platform that helps you integrate a contextual voice assistant with the existing IVR instead of replacing it.

The market has started to understand the true value of voice-based communication using a phone bot which has led to a lot of applications to adopt voice functionality. The customers can connect with the contact centers using different mediums such as Phones, Mobiles, Alexa, Google Assistant, Voice-enabled chats, etc. This helps in being available and providing support in the true sense to your customers, anytime and anywhere.

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